The end is near!  I made a 90 on my fourth test and I have one more test to go before I am completely finished with this!

Cedrik and Noah are flying in next week!  The anticipation is unreal… Every single day I wake up more excited than the last.  It’s finally here.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can finally go home soon.

This past week, I got to see Katherine again.  We went tubing down the San Marcos River and it was UH-MAY-ZING!  We know each other from growing up in Mississippi, so getting to float down the river was very Mississippi of us.  I also invited a classmate and his fiancee to join us, and Kat invited one of her friends too.  It was an awesome relaxing day.  It would have been even better if I made it all the way through without losing my Maui Jim’s.  I broke the first rule of river tubing:  DON’T TAKE EXPENSIVE SHADES TO THE DAMN RIVER.  *a moment of silence for the $200 sunglasses please*  At one point I was thrown out of my tube because no one told me my butt was about to play the role of an anchor on an upcoming rock.  That’s when I lost the shades.  I also got stuck on a rock (sans float) while the river kept rushing against me.  Needless to say, I look like I got into a prison fight and the other person had a baseball bat.  Still, it was a very fun day.


These past 5 weeks, I have been amazed at how baby Noah is growing.  He started to crawl the day I left home.  He is now pulling himself up on everything and standing.  All of those things I saw on FaceTime.  Today, it happened.  Cedrik took him to a baseball game and they FaceTime’d me afterwards.  When Noah saw me on the phone he said, “MAMA! MAMA!”

I’ll just wait while you soak that in for a second



MY BABY SAID MAMA!  I had to point the phone upwards at the ceiling while I burst into tears.  Tears of joy because I finally heard my baby call me mama.  Tears of sadness because I haven’t been able to hold my lil peanut in over a month and now he’s calling me mama.  Four months of hearing him say da-da and I finally hear clear as day “MAMA” and its through a phone.  It was truly a bittersweet moment.


This week has been unusually hard for some reason.  Even though I have about 5 days until I see my family, I’ve been extra sad lately.  I guess my positivity well is running a little dry and being away is slowly taking it’s toll on me.  I just have to keep fighting and keep studying and stay focused for the home stretch.  One more test and I am out of here!



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