Just as quickly as this training began, that’s how quickly it is getting nearer to graduation day.  Week 3 flew by in a flash and now I’m pretty much halfway finished with this course!

We have been jumping from instructor to instructor because our original one was on medical leave until Wednesday of this past week!  He informed us that we were about 3 days behind on material, but that if we worked hard, we would still graduate on time.  As if we weren’t stressed enough about passing tests…  Overall, he seems like a great instructor and he prepped us well for test 2.  I made a 100!! Woop Woop!  2 down, 3 more to go!

You remember that freezer full of breastmilk I shared a picture of in week 1?  I shipped it home!

Of course I had to use this Texas cooler.
Full to the top!

Countless hours I researched “How to ship breastmilk” when I was pregnant finally paid off.  Thanks to YouTube and Google, I learned how to do this safely with a styrofoam cooler, dry ice, packing paper, packing tape, a box, and LOT’S of patience.  Not to mention I had to stand in the post office with a giant box that had “PERISHABLE BREASTMILK” labels all over it.  People were staring at me as if the box had said “BEWARE, EBOLA VIRUS INSIDE”.  I held that box proudly and looked every one of those judgy bastards in the eye with a “And what?” smile.

And now for the bad news…

The cooler never got to Cedrik.  It was supposed to arrive on Friday… Well, here we are on Thursday the following week and my shipment full of 3 week’s worth of breastmilk is turning into cottage cheese somewhere.  I will be paying a little visit to the post office and expressing the importance of the liquid gold that is breast milk.  And I learned my lesson.  Next time, use UPS or FedEx…. Ugh…

On a brighter note, Lil’ Peanut is just getting cuter and cuter by the day!  He’s crawling, holding his own bottle, and swears he’s carrying on a conversation with people.  The other night I was Facetiming them and all of a sudden he just pushed himself up on Cedrik and stood up for a minute.  So many milestones in the past month!  At least I got to see it though.  He and Cedrik seem to be having some amazing baby/Daddy bonding time which makes me really happy too.


I can’t express enough how FaceTime and the baby monitor have helped me get through this time away.  Even though he gets to see me through the phone every day, I’m worried he’ll cry or not want me to hold him when he sees me in person.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

This weekend I mostly studied, but I did get to see an old friend from Savannah who is stationed here now!  We went to an adorable cuban place off the Riverwalk for dinner and spent the rest of the night at an Irish pub drinking whiskey and Irish ale like a couple of grizzly men.  It was amazing!


Another week down.  Another week closer to home.  🙂


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