Week 2 has been better than week 1.  Training has me so busy with studying and notecards and homework, I don’t have time to mope and think about how much I miss my family.  I’ve developed a nice routine.

0545 – Wake up
0600 – Brush teeth, do hair, get dressed, pump.
0645 – Go downstairs and eat breakfast
0700 – Head out for training
1100 – 1300 is lunch.  Thank goodness for those 2 hours!  I have time to eat, pump and take a little nap before I have to go back!
1300 – 1530 Finish up training day
1630 – Pump, Workout
1730 – Shower, dinner and study for the rest of the night

In between all those after-training activities, I try to FaceTime with the baby and husband as much as possible! Every time that little face smiles at me and flashes me those dimples, I tear up.

Sleep is hard to come by in a hotel with thin walls.  I can hear little kids excited to go to Sea World in the morning stomping around all night.  I can hear other people’s TVs.  One night I heard rhythmic, Arabic/Muslim chanting from about 9pm-midnight.  I had to call security that night.  Not to mention, I’ve always loved sleep and yet I can never get any at night.  And of course I just stare at Noah through the baby monitor until I fall asleep.

On a brighter note, I passed my first exam with a 94!  Woo!!! One test down, 4 more to go!  The sooner I can get through all this, the sooner I get to squeeze my loves!

The hotel I’m staying at has a stove, full fridge/freezer, and it includes pots and pans, plates, glasses, etc.  So at least I don’t have to eat out every single night!  I’ve been alternating between burger patties and chicken breasts this week.  Lunch is usually a healthy choice steamer or a lean cuisine.  I’ll have to alternate two other meats next week to switch it up.  This hotel also has a “Social Hour” on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  They cook or grill food and have free adult beverages for the long term residents! The best part, IT’S FREE!! I went last Wednesday night and enjoyed a baked potato bar and salad.  It was actually delicious!

Training wise, everything is going steadily.  Being on Lackland again for the first time since basic training has given me some flashbacks of getting yelled at in the 100 degree heat in the middle of the street.  Ahhh, the Air Force.  The good thing is, now that I’m a Staff Sergeant, most of the brand new airmen are terrified when they see me walk by and either pop to attention or get really nervous.  You should see their faces when I’m like, “HELLO THERE!” and smile.  It’s like they just saw a unicorn or something.  I never yell at them.  They’ve had it hard enough.


There are 17 students in the class and 5 of us are prior service.  That means that we have all been in different career fields and are now cross-training into a new career field.  The rest are NPS (Non-prior Students).  Those are airmen are straight out of basic training.  Being prior service has it’s perks in tech school.  2 hour lunches, we get to show up 30 minutes later than the NPS, and we get to leave 30 minutes earlier than them in the afternoons.  Not too shabby.

As far as Texas goes….

On a scale of “Damn, it’s hot!” to “I’m melting”, I would say it’s about “Satan’s asshole” degrees outside.  Like literally in the 100s almost every day.  I don’t know how the NPS are making it marching everywhere. Let’s just say our classroom always has a certain “new airman musk”.  I’ve learned to keep Febreeze in my backpack.

I decided to go be a tourist this July 4th weekend!


I mentioned last week that I would probably go to the Alamo and I actually got off my butt and did it!  It’s pretty cool to see, but a little disappointing as well.  Much respect to the Alamo and it’s history, it’s just a bit of a tourist trap.  I didn’t go in because there was a huge line and the Texas sun was already melting my face off.  But I did take some cool photos while there and bought a few souvenirs.  In my mind, I pictured the Alamo being like out in the middle of the desert somewhere with tumbleweeds blowing around it – like the church in Kill Bill or something.  Nope!  It’s right in the middle of downtown San Antonio!  Across the street there was the Guinness World Record museum and other novelty stores.  I also went in the Guinness museum.  Worst $20 I ever spent.  It was like $10 more expensive than a Ripley’s, and 10 times smaller with more lame stuff.  I definitely do not recommend that one. (Suddenly I’m a Trip Advisor review writer).

Saturday was definitely a day of firsts.  I went to the Alamo, I had my very first Boba tea (bubble tea), and I went to ‘In n Out Burger’ for the first time ever.  All three were pretty amazing.  You already read my Yelp review above on the Alamo, that boba tea though… img_20160702_131727.jpg

It was definitely something to write home about.  If there was a place to buy boba tea in Savannah, I would probably keep it in business all on my own.  In n Out Burger was good but nothing too special.  I gave it like a 7 all around.

I finished up the holiday weekend grilling out with some classmates at the hotel pool and waiting for the fireworks from SeaWorld.  My hotel is literally 5 minutes away from that kill shelter…. I mean park.

Happy Independence Day 🙂


It turns out, the fireworks were blocked off by the hotel itself and we could only see like the very end result of the fireworks…. I wound up going back to my room, putting on my July 4th “Merica” socks and FaceTime’d Cedrik and Noah for the rest of the night.  Week 2 was good to me.



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